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Since 1997, MOCAP has been providing wide range of contact center services and solutions to meet maximization of client needs. Nowadays, there are lots of contact channels with end-users, such as Facebook, LINE, SMS, Mobile Apps, and so on. We are adjusting latest customer’s contact channels and providing inbound, outbound, and digital marketing via these channels. Contact Center

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We are providing contact center solutions of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to support for non-core business of clients. As BPO outsourcer, MOCAP has widen range of process knowledge and practices how to handle BPO business.

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For over a decade, MOCAP has worked closely with our clients in delivering practical & insightful results across all industries and areas throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Our research is driven by strategic and innovative thinking. Major areas of services include market feasibility studies, market opportunities assessment, competitive analysis, CSI and SSI survey, consumer insight study brand health check survey with strategic recommendation. The aim of market research and consulting is to explore and analyze the business outlook to secure a spectrum of the market and identify uncover opportunities.Contact Center

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