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MOCAP’s Contact Center Services

Since 1997, MOCAP has been providing wide range of contact center services and solutions to meet maximization of client needs. Nowadays, there are lots of contact channels with end-users, such as Facebook, LINE, SMS, Mobile Apps, and so on. We are adjusting latest customer’s contact channels and providing inbound, outbound, and digital marketing via these channels. 

Inbound Solution

We can provide a professional inbound contact center service to any client who wants to set up the contact center. You can save cost for initial set up fee for your own contact center and hiring staff and continuous training to all agents.

We can support from quite small size such as one seat, up to huge inbound service. We also prepare the high-end technology such as IP based PBX, ACD, IVR for divert to most appropriate agents to apply the customer’s call.

Inbound Customer Support

To achieve high customer satisfaction based on the contact center mission and for encouragement of client value. To handle general inquiries, reservation, and complaint, with dig customer’s insight. To save the cost of client, to arrange appropriate workload with accuracy of incoming inbound calls.


Inbound Order Taking

To take an order of food delivery, products, or client’s services via inbound calls. MOCAP is not only providing Telephony System but also CRM, Payment System, and Map with POI based on client’s requirements. It can be realized because MOCAP has well-experienced in-house programmers.

Outbound Solution

We can provide outbound solutions ( B to C, B to B) via Phone, Chat, Email, SMS, and SNS. We will be able to generate more effective & higher reachable target by our own knowledge, database list and analysis adapting by the client requirement. That is why we can approach the high potential customers effectively. Also by providing sufficient technology such as predictive dialer, SMS broadcasting, we convince to promise to all clients that we can do the most effective approach to the potential consumers.

Regarding the call result, we can also feed back to the client as qualitative and quantitative report, such as Statistic Report , Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis report, and analytical visual report in order to contribute to review and improve the strategy of clients. We address that key important activity is PDCA. This is our key point that client always appreciates for our performance.

Telesales Outbound Contact Center Services

We are specially selected, well-trained and experienced in based on the talk script and we are adaptable for unscripted well talk, up-sell, cross-sell approach all the potential customers. Our Telesales agents are highly knowledgeable of client products and services and dedicated for the duration of your sales cycle.

Target Products for Sales

  • Sales for Insurance Policy (Life, PA, etc)
  • TV Shopping Products
  • Consumer Products

Lead Generation and Appointment Outbound

Find potential or prospect is first step of sales activity on B to B model. Our Lead Generation Service can consult targeting of potentials for Lead Generations. Our Agent call out to generate lead and make an appointment on behalf of client with fully understand client’s service or product.

Campaign Invitation Outbound Contact Center Services

Required some agents to call-out to send special invitation for your campaign? This service is to promote your prospects about any upcoming campaign, promotion, or other various information that you would like your prospects to know. This telephone approach can enhance the reach rate as well as hear actual voice from prospects. Our special trained outbound agents will clearly deliver messages to your prospects.

Welcome Outbound Contact Center Services

Required some agents to call-out to greet with your customers? This service is to send special greetings to your prospects at any special occasion, such as New Year & Christmas, Birthday, Welcome, etc. Our specialized outbound agents will courteously send clear & courteous greetings on behalf of your company. Voice greetings must be appreciated among your prospects and our specialized outbound agent will accommodate your prospects with professional manners & attitude.

Other Contact Center Solutions

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is the process of ensuring that a set of data is correct and accurate. During data cleansing, records are checked for accuracy and consistency and either corrected, or deleted as necessary. Data cleansing can occur within a single set of records, or between multiple sets of data which need to be merged, or which will work together.

Contact Center Turn-Key Solution

Select the most cost effective contact center system. How many functions can you use in reality? Since most of the famous contact center systems in the world can prepare the various kinds of functions with enormous fee, but if you prefer the basic function with cost effective and stable, you can consider our turn-key solution.

Contact Center Facility Rental

High level facility for contact center equipped with secured system, secured network. Comfortable atmospheres exactly we will provide to any clients. You just focus on how to manage the human resources and operations. If this is you want to set up the contact center with fastest (minimize the lead time), secured, reliable, and well-managed, you have no choice to select other way.

Contact Center Assessment and Consultation

Each of our contact center is an autonomous unit. Prior to establishment a contact center faces a number of issues; decision on a vision, selection facilities, and equipment, hiring and training staff, managing the organization and forming strategies. Because these are the main connection point to customers, problems have potential to erode the corporate base. As a specialist, MOCAP provides systematic knowledge and solutions for every stage of development.