We can provide Tele-Sales (B2C, B2B) via phone. We will be able to generate more effective & high reachable target by our own knowledge, database list and analysis adapting by the client requirement. That is why we can approach the high potential customers effectively. Also by providing sufficient technology such as predictive dialer, SMS broadcasting, we convince to promise to all clients that we can do the most effective approach to the potential consumers.

Regarding the call result, we can also feed back to the client as qualitatetive and quantitative report, such as Statistic report , Hot voice (VOC) analysis report, and analytical visual report in order to contribute to review and improving the strategy of clients. We address that key important activitY is PDCA. This is our key point that client always appreciates for our performance.


Service Type

  1. Tele-Sales
  2. Tele-Marketing
  3. Debt Collection
  4. Campaign Invitation
  5. Call Greeting

1. Tele-Sales Outbound Call Center Services

We are specially selected, well-trained and experienced in based on the talk script and we are adaptable for unscripted well talk, up-sell, cross-sell approach all the potential customers. Our outbound call center telesales agents(TSR) are highly knowledgeable of client products and services and dedicated for the duration of your sales cycle.

    Target Products for Sales
    • Sales for Insurance Policy (Life, PA, etc)
    • Credit Card (or any membership card)

2. Tele-Marketing Outbound Call Center Services

Tele-marketing outbound call, our goal is to turn each outbound telemarketing contact into expected results. We select, assign, train, supervise and monitor our call center agents. We have a special know-how to generate the effective talk script from our past experience.

3. Debt Collections Outbound Call Center Services

We can provide the Debt collection announcement outbound call both for pre due date and post due date. For overdue customers we can call most effective day and hours in order to get a high rate for money collection. We can provide our services to any clients such as the following requirement they have.

  • For those companies willing to improve collection percentage.
  • For those companies willing to minimize the collection costs.
  • For those companies willing to conduct effective collection process.

4. Campaign Invitation Outbound Call Center Services

Required some agents to call-out to send special invitation for your campaign? This service is to promote your prospects about any upcoming campaign, promotion, or other various information that you would like your prospects to know. Unlike other channels, such as email or EM, this telephone approach can enhance the reach rate as well as hear actual voice from prospects. Our special trained outbound agents will clearly send the lye message to your prospects.

5. Greeting Outbound Call Center Services

Required some agents to call-out to greet with your customers? This service is to send special greetings to your prospects at any special occasion, such as New Year & Christmas. Our specialized outbound agents will courteously send clear & courteous greetings on behalf of your company. Voice greetings must be appreciated among your prospects and our specialized outbound agent will accommodate your prospects with professional manners & attitude.



Outbound Call flow

Case1 : Tele-Sales


Case2 : Tele-Marketing




KPI for Outbound