Business Research

Major areas of services include market feasibility studies, market opportunities assessment, competitive analysis, industry analysis, M&A strategy and strategic planning. The aim of business research and consulting is to explore and analyze the business outlook to secure a spectrum of the market.

Customized Research

Services encompass product & concept testing, price sensitivity measurement, package test, media consumption habits, study of distribution channel in order to get to the bottom of problems and uncover opportunities.

Benefit for the client

  • Able to prepare to the clients about the more useful and practical information about the Thai market.
  • Able to utilize our report when you make an decision making to the Thai local market.


Service Menu for Market Research




Target Industries

Target Areas of Expertise & Research

  • Automobile
  • Banking & Finance
  • Energy
  • FMCG
  • Healthcare
  • Property
  • Telecommunication etc


Process for Market Research & Our Methodology


New Survey with Online

Due to the fully managed by system, You can get various benefit from this tool, such as "Interective development for the questionare", "Not necessary for the data input (customer directly input their replied data)", "Automatically generate the basic report and graph" etc.


Online Survey Process
(We will provide full service with our partners ( )


Sample Screen for generate the questionare and report (All will be done by interative tool)



Case Study for Research


Industry Category for Client


Identify the influence of purchase decision of pick up truck Conduct mystery shopping to survey the customer satisfaction at showroom. (Nationwide tracking)

Survey the price of Japanese second-hand car
Survey meet/un-meet needs among car users throughout APAC region.
Survey future demand toward car option throughout APAC region.


Survey consumption habit and purchasing behavior on food & beverage.
Level of purchase intention toward new selling channel

Banking & Finance

Study attitudes and needs of card members on reward program


Current situation and problems of Thai SME.
Numbers of newly establish and dissolution in all regions within past 5 years.


Survey for recruitment situation for Thailand.
Trend for Web based recruitment method.

Consumer-electronics maker

To identify the factors that drive for a purchase decision
To identify the influential of each driving factor
To check the awareness of each media medium


To figure out nature of operations as well as main players of vending machine
To identify the no. of vending machines
To identify locations where vending machines are located
To identify market leaders selling beverages through a vending machine

Confectionery maker

To identify Thai consumer behavior of having all types of confectionery
To identify opportunities for further development of developing concept & products
To identify likeability toward developing product

Real estate company

To measure the satisfaction level of participants towards free food displayed at a food fair
To figure out how much each participant spends for a meal and shopping per time


Sample Report

Sample Price