Data cleansing is the process of ensuring that a set of data is correct and accurate. During data cleansing, records are checked for accuracy and consistency and either corrected, or deleted as necessary. Data cleansing can occur within a single set of records, or between multiple sets of data which need to be merged, or which will work together.



Data qualify is a critical factor for the success of company intelligence initiatives. The more technologies such as CRM,ERP Knowledge tools will develop, the more we will focus on how to manage the enterprise data effectively. Actually we have many problems in the current situation. For example, some data keeps as only hard copy (paper). Some data keep in the client pc,or personal file (not organized as a center management such as shared file server), some data (including customer information) are already not updated. example, telephone number has not been updated. As a result , it is not well organized. Our service is to activate and well-managed such a kinds of data by our data cleansing service.


Basic Service

Through either outbound or SMS, we can conduct

  1. Data cleansing (Update database)
  2. Advanced Customer Data Cleansing (Update and categorized for specific purpose. Segmentation for demographic)
  3. Change to the digital data from Paper, Voice (non text file) and add some index for effectivive usage.


Concept of Data Cleansing

Following is the objective for Data Cleansing. Now you can see how it is necessary for the cleansing from this picture.


Workflow Process

  1. Recieve the data from client.
  2. Through the developed applicaiton, we will input the data.
  3. In case of cleansing necessary, we will do outbound call.
  4. Update the database as a result of outbound.
  5. Submit to the client as a refleshed database.


  • After the cleansing, we can offer the CRM analysis.
  • We can provide the marketing activity through those data.