About Us

Overview of the Company

Company name: MOCAP Limited
(Mitsiam Outsourcing Centre Asia Pacific Limited)
Registered Date: 11 June 2008
Service: BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services
Call Center Outsourcing Services
Data Management Services
Call Center Design Consulting Services
Market Research Services
Digital Marketing
Address: 3rd Floor, Siripinyo Bldg, 475 Sri-Ayudthaya Rd.
Thanon Phayathai, Rajthevee, Bangkok, 10400 Thailand
Managing Director: Ms. Chutima Tnawitkitikorn
Director: Mitsui Group
  • Mr. Shinichi Matsumoto
  • Mr. Takashi Watanuki
  • Mr. Toru Izuta
  • Mr. Naofumi Iwasato
Loxley Group
  • Mr. Ali Bim Hussain Aljunnied
Moshi Moshi Hotline, inc.
  • Ms. Kazue Mori
Number of staff: 480 Staffs (July 2012)
Registered Capital: 60,882,400 THB

Mitsiam International Limited (26.00%)
Mitsui & Co (Thailand) Limited (25.35%)
Loxbit Public Company Limited (24.64%)
Moshi Moshi Hotline Inc (24.01%)
Telephone: (66) 2203 9000
Fax: (66) 2248 1110


Message from the Managing Director

Dear valuable stakeholders,

I’m convinced that the outsourcing market will continue to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come with more and more companies planning to outsource back office operations to outsourcing companies. MOCAP Limited is your solution for contact center and business process outsourcing operations.

MOCAP Limited, “a leader of Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)”, is the result of a merger of two leading companies - Mitsiam Tele-Services (MTS), which has operated a Contact Center business for more than 10 years (founded in 1997), and Loxdata Company Limited, a subsidiary of Loxley Company Limited, a leader in the trading business (founded in 1997).

In addition, since 1Q 2009 Moshi Moshi Hotline inc., Japanese outsourcing contact center company, has joined as a shareholder of our company.

In my role as Managing Director of MOCAP Limited, I’m honored to be a part of our clients’ businesses, who can concentrate on their core business activities while outsourcing their back office operations to MOCAP. Our business focuses are to provide services with high quality standards, always supply skilled and well-trained manpower, and leverage our high-tech newly developed contact center for customer solutions.

Please join us on our journey into the future, and accept our appreciation for your kindness and on-going support of MOCAP Limited.